Yale® High Security Motorised Laptop Safe – YLEB/200/EB1

Yale Certified Security Safe Boxes have been designed to tackle burglary in the 21st century through testing under different crime scenarios. Our security safe boxes have an extra thick body and door using heavy-duty steel.

Security Home Safes fit into most modern interior home designs thanks to their compact size and blended color schemes. These Digital Security Safe Series are user-friendly with resettable codes on the lock panel and an override key. They allow you to choose your way to operate them.


  • Electronic Lock with digital keypad
  • Blue backlight display
  • Laser cut steel door, with auto-opening function (when Correct code is entered)
  • Reinforced steel hinge
  • Concealed fixing points and mounting bolts included
  • Internal light source
  • Armored steel plates protecting locking mechanism
  • Box packaging
  • Model:YLEB/200/EB1
  • Exterior dimensions (H × W× D):200 × 480 × 350 mm  (This size exclude 18mm thick keyboard panel)
  • Interior dimensions (H × W× D):192 × 475 × 295 mm
  • Net Weight:13.7 kg
  • Volume:26.9 litres
  • Security system: 22mm motorized drive switch door latch, 6-piece double-blade mechanical lock, six-lock double-tooth emergency lock system
  • Mosaic mode: comes with heavy-duty fixing bolts
  • Battery: 4 AA batteries (1.5V each, total 6V)
  • Backup key: one original emergency metal key cores from Yale
  • Other configuration: the box body is pre-drilled, so that the user can attach the bolt to the wall or the floor