YFF/420/FG2 – Yale® Biometric Fire Resistant Safe


YFF/420/FG2 – Yale® Biometric Fire Resistant Safe

The Biometric Fire Safe provides a biometric fingerprint scanner and state-of-art digital touch panel for advanced protection. If you wish to protect your document and asset from fire, this will be the best fit for you!


  • Biometric Finger Print scanner for advanced protection
  • Up to 126 finger prints storage
  • State-of-the-art digital touch panel
  • LED display screen
  • 1 billion+ digital combinations
  • 4-16 digits pass code combinations
  • Dual pass codes option
  • Tested to withstand up to 1 hour of fire at 927°C
  • 16mm steel locking bolts
  • Hinge protection with 18mm steel back end locking bolts
  • Innovative scramble input function to protect your user code
  • External battery compartment
  • Low battery indicator
  • Model:YFF/420/FG2
  • Exterior dimensions (H × W × D):420 × 352 × 433 mm (Excluding 43mm thick keyboard pannel)
  • Interior dimensions (H × W × D):320 × 260 × 304 mm
  • Net weight:36 kg
  • Volume:25.3 liters
  • Steel latch diameter:16mm
  • Battery : AA batteries × 4  (1.5V R06)
  • Other equipment:Reinforced door hinge, 18 mm steel body and latch
  • Tested to withstand up to one hour intense fire
  • Internal temperature will not exceed 150 Degree Celsius in 927 Degree Celsius furnace
  • Certified by SP (Swedish National Testing & Research Institute) and KS (Korea Standard)

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