Yale® Elite Safe for Documents (Small) – YSELC/450/B1


Yale® Elite Safe for Documents (Small) – YSELC/450/B1

With the stylish and spacious design (the tallest size is 1100mm), Elite Safe series offers dual or triple opening solutions (fingerprint / PIN code / mechanical key) which enhance the level of security of the safe. The users are able to put multiple large items in the safe for good burglary protection.

One of the smallest sizes in the Elite series, YSELC/450/B1 is able to store a small number of important documents, such as passports, photos, birth papers, contracts, etc.


  • Certifications: GB10409 standard, CSP certification
  • Dual or Triple authentication high security control:PIN (3-8 digits) / master key / fingerprint, which offer more than10,000,000+ combinations
  • 112 items door open records
  • Semiconductor fingerprint, store up to 100 fingerprints
  • 6 lever double bitted mechanical override, Solid bolts with 30mm diameter
  • Reinforced walls & doors
  • LED Screen
  • Alarm sets in if enter 3 times wrong code / 5 times wrong fingerprint
  • Vibration alarm function will be activated when the safe is moved
  • Mechanical key override lock
  • Low battery indicator
  • 9V Emergency battery access
  • Model No.:YSELC/450/B1
  • Opening solution (Choose any 2 or 3 options): Fingerprint / PIN code / Master or Mechanical Override keys
  • Exterior dimensions (H × W × D):511 × 420 × 360 mm (Excluding 15mm thick keyboard pannel)
  • Interior dimensions (H × W × D):440 × 395 × 270 mm
  • Net weight:52 kg
  • Battery : AA batteries × 4  (1.5V R06)
  • Keys: 2 master keys & 2 manual override keys
  • Other compartments:Shelf board × 1

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