HFL-173 Manual-type Compactus

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  • Powder coating process and environmentally friendly through the process
  • Various colour options. Commonly used such as light grey, beige. Black, white, dark grey and silver, etc. also available
  • Lockable storage for safety and secure
  • Adjustable shelves for every bay
  • Multiple optional add-ons accessory such as foolscap file hanger, drawer, etc. available
  • Please refer to the “Specification” for detailed information on the options available
1 Bay Manual-Type Unit:
ModelDescriptionWidth (mm)Depth (mm)Height (mm)Number of Shelves
HFL-173ASingle-Side Fixed 1 Bay Unit103043021504
HFL-173BSingle-Side Mobile 1 Bay Unit103043021504
HFL-173CDouble-Side Mobile 1 Bay Unit103065021508
HFL-173DDouble-Side Mobile 1 Bay Unit103086021508

2 Bay Manual-Type Unit:
ModelDescriptionWidth (mm)Depth (mm)Height (mm)Number of Shelves
HFL-173ESingle-Side Fixed 2 Bay Unit194543021508
HFL-173F Single-Side Mobile 2 Bay Unit194543021508
HFL-173GDouble-Side Mobile 2 Bay Unit1945650215016
HFL-173HDouble-Side Mobile 2 Bay Unit1945860215016